CRY! They decide our lives
I follow my way and live my fate
I don't wanna suffer,
I don't wanna die I wanna stay alive
Trying to live in peace my fate, this is the only way

The first is the weaver that weaves our destiny
The second is the mediator and the third finishes it

[Chorus:] A new life will rise
Showing my way
And finally reveal my cruel fate
Goddesses of life, I beg for compassion
For releasing my way
With no sorrow and hate

CRY! because it's too late
Each every mortal has the line of life and death
Three ancient sisters decide the fate of the human race
Even the Gods have no power to change what was weaved by them

They can change the beginning, the middle and the end
Our lives are in their hands
They're the Goddesses of fate

[Chorus] [Solo]

People are snatched by the bloody webs of death
Weaved by the three sisters, Goddesses of destiny


With no sorrow and hate

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