[Music: Geraldo / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

In this fight to survive, someday I'll stop to suffer or die
Too early or too late, in my way,
This will change my life
I dream of freedom, that can lead us
Flying higher in our dreams
Even though I die
My spirit will remain 'cause
Forever I'll be here
Ooooh… The hell is here
Ooooh… Burning in the flames
Ooooh… It's my fate
Ooooh… Forever
Die is the price, that I'll pay for my life
Hiding in darkness all the night, maybe forever
I look at my past, I can't understand
What life has reserved for me,
Hate and suffering, injustice and pain
I'll remain 'cause
Forever I'll be here

[Chorus:] [Solo: kiko loureiro]

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