Samurais were the warriors of the old times
Who preserved the names of their families
Above everything even of their own lives
They fought for their honour in the battle fields

[Bridge:] They lived to protect their Lord with loyalty and devotion
Following Him to the death if needed
If they lost their honour, they'd have to stab themselves with a dagger

[Chorus:] Life is limited, but honour lives forever
This was the rule of the samurais code
They had to honour their Lord with their protection
With their lives and their swords

The most lethal of all warriors of the antiquity
Were the samurais who didn't feared the death,
Used the suicide to regaining their honour
They had to feel pain dying slowly

[Bridge:] [Chorus:] [Solo]

Mukashi sensou ga atta
Kunino tamenara
Inochimo ageru
Mina chikara wo awasete tatakatta


The code of the samurais

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