Grandpa's got a secret locked inside his mind
All day long waiting on a bridge
Looking down the daily traffic jam
You can look at him and search for details
But nothing on his face will tell you the truth
Everyday I cross the bridge and see him

Well I don't know, I just don't know
Anyway who gives a shit

Why does he wait a car crash, a suicide
He's so quiet nothing goes out
He seems sorry for what he sees
Maybe he's waiting for the one
The Messiah of a brand new world
Holding plans of a different future

This is for the one who waits
The one who stays
The one who cares
The one who dares

Here I am again struck in the traffic jam
A space dub reggae on my radio I'm ready to face the world
Music's never too loud on the stereo
It's raining outside and the wind is freezing my balls
I close the window

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