I came here to see my friends
When I saw you on the pavement,
I thought there was something wrong,
And I could tell what it was,
When I heard your voice,
I realized that you were,
Holding a gun,
And we were the target,

You came into this girl's house,
You think you rule the street,
Then when a man shows up,
You shit your pants knee deep,

Get that gun off my chest,
It's in your best interest,

I keep my self control but I'm scared inside,
Put that gun away no one wants to die,
I see my life flash by,
Don't try to pull the trigger,
Or you'll be kissing the ground,

Jail is useless for you,
Is medecine more apropriate?
Your dad is scared of you,
What happens next?

Get that gun off my chest
It's in your best interest

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