Bride Adorned – Killing Frost Lyrics

Bride Adorned – Killing Frost Lyrics

Pain begins
Grows stronger
Winter grins at me
A shiver in my spine
Burning inside
Earth cries calling me
Catching me in her toils
Shelter me from this cold
I'm coming home

Myth of dominion reigning over
– Treacherous and guilty
Fear from within – I deny
Hollow grin – Coming forth
Holy – Minion
Kith and kin – Legions
Of the end – Shattered

Sound asleep dreams reprieve
Conceal the slender weak seduce serenity
Shards seep with grief haven within reach
What will lie beyond
Fallen to oblivion

Long for those sweet oppressive verses
Whispered by silent nightwings
I've got endeared to me
They grind me to the bone
"Seize the day" don't try alone
Ardent hearts
Will not survive when they are apart

Under the bright shiny stars
I swear it in my heart
My vows are unbreakable to
Me standing here on your grave
I she'd a tear and pray
A brand new day will come for me
Pilgrims of love enfold after all
Bequest of vanity disciple of deceit
Shiny stars hold within
The reason for belief
Death my Bride Adorned