Breed 77 – Petroleo (You Will Be King) Lyrics

Breed 77 – Petroleo (You Will Be King) Lyrics

The choice that you're given
The choice that you have decided to take
The answer's misleading
The answer that you are now trying to fake

Sera – sera to destino (trans: It must be your destiny)
You are the chosen one given to save –
All of our lives
Why did you give us away?

Why don't we tear down
The moon and the son of the father
(Yeah we'll) Break down the walls that come between
One and the other


A son of a father
The power that's given to very few
El mundo es toyo (trans: The world is yours)
Please tell me what you are now trying to do

And now that we're dieing
What makes you think you are going to live
Maldito petroelo (trans: Damned oil)
For greed you will give us away

[Chorus:] x 2


[Chorus:] x 2

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