Brad Blackwell – I Blame You Lyrics

Brad Blackwell – I Blame You Lyrics

Verse 1:

Well I failed calculus my senior year
Because Mrs. Henry done rigged the test
And I played great and we woulda tood state
If it wasn't for that dang old reff
No I've never had a problem
With givin someone else the blame,
And when it comes to lovin you
Some things never change


Cause I blame you for the smile that I'm showin
And I blame you, for the love inside of me that somehow keeps on growin
Answer me the reason for the way I'm feelin, I've only got one good excuse
And I blame you

Verse 2:

Well I was raisin hell and spent the night in jail
Cause my buddys wouldn't bail me out
I took the good lord down so many times, thought I had it all figured out
Yeah I was headin down a dark road, and there wasn't and end in sight
But the day that I met you, girl I saw the light

Repeat Chorus


Well I thought I knew all that love could do
It couldn't change me at all
No one could teach me
Somehow you reached me
And I'm on my way and it's all your fault

Repeat Chorus

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