Bootleg Kev – Made For This Lyrics

Bootleg Kev – Made For This Lyrics

(feat. Tech N9ne, Jadakiss, Kap G & Sincerely Collins)

[Verse: Tech N9ne]
All hell when the king is loose
Back in the day they told me that my dream is noosed
Like a rocket people seen it shoot
Even though the N9na took the scenic route
Now you witnessin' the meanest muse
On the Planet, dammit I'm the cleanest ooze
Now the women with the Venus boost
Or Serena's want the N9na's penis juice
I done came a long way, this hombre
Never do let the song play the wrong way
Tech on the microphone spray, they gon' say
He goin' out for the strong way, and that's the realest
Now the haters saying Tech's the illest
After not believing he done connect with skrillas
Eclectic killas and wordplay
You gonna survey what can never be seen
Not invisible per say
But unfuckwithable, some bust pitiful
Whoever thinking it's me better come suck genitals
One top general, make a hater
They wanna run stuff plentiful
Become stuck clinical
Wondering how I keep emerging on virgins
To rhythm and rhyming, I am a surgeon
Ya heard when the N9na got the words in with the Persian
A burden to all of the newbies that don't deserve 'em
We serving
Now ain't that a kick in the head
Who gave the brain scatter, click in the red
Remains are gonna spatter really creaking ya dead
Now my dick and my spread, took a bitch in my bed nigga
I get the chunk and then I blade the bitch
Kev ain't never gotta pay for this
Cause he take the risk and a 100% for knowing Tecca N9na for real and that he made for this nigga

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