When I climbed up my tower, looked down to the below
I listened with my heart, I recognized her notes
A melody was blazing, so ravenous and new
Like a thousand voices calling
Ten thousand words flowed into…

I've got this thirst I cannot fill
I've got this hunger I can't kill
I've been out searching, I still have not found
An answer I'm waiting on

So don't be long
Don't be long

I saw a woman smile, her message to me sent
I sold all my possessions to find out what she meant
Her mouth is always moving, silently echoing a hymn
She's standing on the sun, boy
She's asking me to swim

Don't be long
With a drop on my tongue
Don't be long

When my tongue is growing dusty and my mouth completely parched
The zealot sun relentless in the desert of my heart
I ask my lady for a storm cloud, pregnant with relief
When she begins to rain on me, I'll begin to drink

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