Summer come please tell me what you've waited for
It's been so cold, I can't take it anymore
It's been years but I've been here before
Waiting for you here down at the shore

Message in a bottle frozen
I know he's the one you've chosen
Over me, it used to be
Summer nights, warm wind blowing
All the crowds coming down to the boardwalk
Hide from fall, when we had it all

[Chorus x1]

Carved initials on a lifeguard stand
Under the pier we were hand and hand
Were younger then, way back when
Now I'm older, sun setting
Throwing rocks off the docks, regretting
What could I do, I was wrong for you

Moonlight and the smell of the ocean air
Close my eyes and I almost see you there

[Chorus x2]

Message in a bottle buried
Under the sand, there's no hurry
They'll find it when, summer comes again

[Chorus x1]

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