Ain't no jog, ain't no jog
It's a sprint till the end
Out of breath, out of breath
Another hills 'round the bend
Gear is on, gear is on
And I'm dressed to defend
What you got for me?
Throw it all on me

Sandpapered away
The bloom is off the rose
Pick a new bouquet
The old one decomposed
Wipe the brow and say
My vain system peaks when it hits 'em

So pristine
Well I keep pushing onward
With a full head of steam
Severed clean
Wash my hands of this land where I was brought

In my scope, in my scope
Triggers set and I don't miss
If you live, if you live
Then I failed and you'll exist
But I won't, but I won't
Don't waste time and resist
What I got for you
Throw it all at you
Watch it flow river's wild down the hill
Another notch I'm paid well for a kill

Sandpapered away
And the assigment will be closed
Pick a new bouquet
While arteries froze
Wipe the brow and say
My vain system spikes when it clips 'em

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