Arjun Kaul – Shining Armour Lyrics

Arjun Kaul – Shining Armour Lyrics

The easy, fast & fun way to learn ho wo sing "Arjun Kaul – Shining Armour Lyrics" :

Commander of legions abominable mastermind
My genial ploys live on like a slow plague on my foes
Mystical find the ancient truth never known
Needing nothing from none… ice my home wind my one friend

Archer of the Gods my weapons are celestial
My wheels run by the spectral steeds of thunder
My will beckons me scream vengeance unleash hell
Harbinger of doom fist of death incarnate

Born with rawhide of steel in the age of icy winds
Mane of dark fires and gleaming eyes see within
Tireless searching heart brings forth a new beginning
Shooting arrows of destiny to the future

Slaying hordes with my flaming fists of fury
Fearless warrior lonestar swims the oceans
Master of my Fate Helpless to conquer all
Immortal hero razing the horizon

Gleaming shields mounts with black manes and firebreath
Crunching bones and smashing heads with my bare hands
Standing naked in the snow over the monster
My mind unshakeable my will is absolute

Nay there be nothing to fear
As long as I am here
We will win we wont surrender

Sleep tonight my dear
There is nothing to fear
You will never be forsaken

When in the demons lair
No we wont show no fear
I am never gonna give in

Till the very end
They may break but I will not bend

In the darkest hour you feel a surge of power
By God I am here your knight In Shining Armour

You'll see that there's no fear
I'll be your prince again
Hang on I'll can just be there
You'll find your wings again

You'll find your ways of love
You'll be a prince again
You find your eyes are burning
You'll find your wings again

I walk in to your kingdom
I visor all of the swine
Behold the folk seething in fear
As their evil tyrants dine

I he who knoweth the riddle of jee
I he who was born to free
Immortal hero… who never dies
Courage Valor strength Sacrifice

I'm a slayer of demons born from age to age you see
In my sarcophagus of solitude I Summon forces of the universe,
To invoke the magic in me My friend, truly make the most of your intelligence beauty courage and skill
It is upto you, to forge your destiny, in the flames of your will
As long as you hold desire in your heart the world will bring you down You will be tormented, like, a porter carrying a load…
Give up desire, let it go, bid adieu to ego and expectation and you shalt be free
Hear them calling me… hark at the sirens of war
Hear them calling me… the angels in the heavens…
Singing my name
I am the God of War
Unaffected Resurrected
I'm Intense Melodic Brutal and Crushing
Demonic Will with an Angel's Heart
Immortal unchanging
An astral blast from light years away
Secret raider who seeps within takes control
Running for the Lord… Sent from Hell… Driven by the Devil himself
One man against a million. Fearless. Shameless. A hero is immortal…
A hero never dies… living forever in valhalla
If I could step into the ladle of creation
… for just one second

The easy, fast & fun way to learn ho wo sing "Arjun Kaul – Shining Armour Lyrics" :
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