Arjun Kaul – Born Again Lyrics

Arjun Kaul – Born Again Lyrics

Hey Hey It's Okay
I'm Back to Rock
I'm Born Again
Dig this
Hello everybody it's time to lend me your ear coz
What I say could save your soul and detonate your fear
I've lived a thousand years and had a hundred names and
I have seen it all before played all the of games

I've been everyone mother father and son
I've seen the empires fall and the pyramids done
I've walked all the streets spoke a million lings
And looky here I am back again with a brand new bling

I took a step from you
From far across the room
Stepped onto the moon
U know I wanted to
Be in the realm of light
Unchain my heart tonight
Feed on my innocent plight
Somehow I know it's alright

Hey Hey It's Okay
I'm Back to Rock
I'm Born Again

Dig dig dig dig this!
Winds will blow, things will go
You may have all yo friends but you'll soon be alone no
No no don't get beat just yet you gonna start living when u got no regret
So hold your will tight in the palm of your hand
The truth is deep inside not some foreign land
Yeah yeah that's right now you gotta keep looking
The best takes the longest before it starts cooking

Hey Hey It's Okay (it's OKAY)
I'm Back to Rock (Back to ROCK)
I'm Born Again (Born AGAIN)

Some times I felt
Lost and tied down by life
And then I found the way
To eternal life was in my mind

Hey hey hey
It's okay
It's not so far away
It's all fine it's okay
Yippee yay yeah

It's like scream from a supermind
And you see the dream n leave the world behind
Say bye bye bye to yesterday
Here and now is another day

When you know what you gonna do
You're gonna sing this song and make it true
We're back from the dead time to get it on
We're born again and I'm back to rock

Get ready get set the future's here
Here we go!

I jumped into the river, the river of eternal life, and I looked into the heavens from the pit of hell
I never knew the reason why we must cry until I saw all the answers were deep inside
All the worries of the world have no place here
The only thing that remains to be seen is believe in what you are inside
Love forever… look out… look deep… and search your mind
It's Okay
Oh mama please

When I walked through the jungle of mystic dreams I saw
What it feels like to be alive but you don't have a clue

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