[Intro: Doug Middlebrook] Here's the thing: you're in love with a version of a person that you've created in your head, that you are trying to but cannot fix. Uh, the only person you can fix is yourself. I love you, this has gone on way too long. Enough is enough. I'm two blocks away, I'm coming over.​

[Verse 1: Ariana Grande] Painted a picture, I thought I knew you well
I got a habit of seein' what isn't there
Caught in the moment, tangled up in your sheets
When you broke my heart, I said you only wanted half of me

[Pre-Chorus: Ariana Grande] My imagination's too creative
They see demon, I see angel, angel (Angel), angel
Without the halo, wingless angel

[Chorus: Ariana Grande] Fallin', fallin', but I never thought you'd leave me
Fallin', fallin', needed something to believe in, oh
I thought you were the one
But it was all in my head
It was all in my head (Skrrt, skrrt)

[Post-Chorus: Ariana Grande] Yeah, look at you (You), boy, I invented you
Your Gucci tennis shoes, runnin' from your issues
Cardio good for the heart (For the heart)
I figured we could work it out, hmm

[Bridge: Ariana Grande] Wanted you to grow, but, boy, you wasn't buddin'
Everything you are made you everything you aren't
And I saw your potential without seein' credentials
Maybe that's the issue
Said maybe that's the issue, ah
Can't hold that shit against you, ah
Guess I did it to myself, yeah
Thought you were somebody else, you

[Outro] Thought you were somebody else, you (You)
Thought you were somebody else, you

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