Day after day
We carry the light in a shadow
We are the fury and faith
Fire inside us will scare away the Blind Dark
This is the greatest play
Being cast for centuries of lies
We are the hope for the petrified hearts
We'll make the fire from a fading spark

Who is telling lies
Taking too much time
Time that makes your life
That's flying like the wind
Deep inside your soul
There are hidden doors
Look inside them
And be free again

We are not afraid to die
We'll stay alive in the songs of Bards
Finally we saw the sign
It's time for us to play our part
We're the wind that brings destruction
We are the mind that's driven mad
Now is the time for action
Only Victory or Death

One enemy is enough to start a war
We are protecting our land
The unarmed will die by the enemy swords
Now the true King has returned
We are stronger than ever
Death in a fight is better than slavery under the Dark Lords
We ride into battle, singing the song of The Brave
Oh, deadly foe, do you feel doubts
Maybe your power is not so great?

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