I return to inner self
I've got power, I've gained sight
I've forgotten my fear
It was a ghost of lies

I lived in a fake world
And I was flying so high
The dream dried my tears
Living in my eyes

But hope and love just cannot die so young
They've got to live forever
You have to rise up and fight
To break away and fly fly so high

Life dictates it's own rules
If not agreed you can leave the game
Maybe it's just an excuse
Not to explore your inner self

What is this freedom?
What is personality?
Using stranger's rules you'll never know it

But hope and love can also die so young
They've not to live forever
Whose will has written this play
Who's pressed that damned lie
Into my mind

Where do you go?
What is your freedom here?
Do you know?
You know…
Hear the voice of soul
It's the sign of hope
Why do you go?
Is freedom worth this price
You win!
And so?…
Just retreat
Cause you cross the social law
But dice is thrown
It's my solution
Too early for execution
Mind revolution changes all.

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