Only the fools can pretend to follow only one precise path
And none can make it through life without regrets and torments
I can't live in this world of regrets
There's no way to escape this torment
All I can do is be true to myself
Don't see the end of this constant pain
Suicide should not be an option
Something more better be waiting
Billions of souls waiting for an ending
I can't be alone hoping for more

We are not born of good or evil, but with time we learn to use them both
Without knowing what mortals can do with the power in their hands
We can only make of our lives a series of attempts towards accomplishment
Lies and violence often become the tools in such a quest
Many of us choose the way of ignorance and destruction

With time our action can turn out to be devastating
The obvious of yesterday may be the nightmare of tomorrow
But it feels so much worse when you see the ones that really do what they think to be better drown into unpredictable consequences

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