The rope is tightened
The neck got broken from the fall
Premature fracture due to a lack of comprehension

Negligence of knowledge only brings a surge of ignorance
Once the bell rings, defending your point becomes purposeless
Cause like a plague, the news spreads and locks up the weakened body
Into a hole as narrow as their mind

An hermetic cell
Inside your head
That makes you blind
Get out of it
And think by yourself
Or you'll die alone

It's an invaluable virtue to be able to understand this madness
As a loop of information flows, and always ends by getting back
To it's starting point
As deformed and disgusting as it is
A tired eye is so quickly closed
Doesn't have the time to see
Authentic reflection of truth
Alternate reality
Beyond the truth are hidden many rumors
It's our duty to see them at the end of the rope

Then finally truth will generate redemption
Of pride and prejudice

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