Here's Silence, there's silence, there's silence
In motion, in motion, in motion
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting
For something, for something, for something
We travel, we travel, we travel
It's coming, it's coming, it's coming
The signals, the signals, the signals
The daylight, the daylight, the daylight
It's clearer, it's clearer, it's clearer
The background, the background, the background
We're looking, we're looking, we're looking
We're watching, we're watching, we're watching
Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions
Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions
We're constant, we're constant, we're constant
The lightning, the lightning, the lightning
We're switching, we're switching, we're switching
The others, the others, the others
Are crossing, are crossing, are crossing
The nighttime, the nighttime, the nighttime
The restless, the restless, the restless
We wonder, we wonder, we wonder
It's catching, it's catching, it's catching
The blackness, the blackness, the blackness
It's stretching, it's stretching, it's stretching
It's starting, it's starting, it's starting
Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions
Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions
The signpost, the signpost, the signpost
The timing, the timing, the timing
Reaction, reaction, reaction
Intention, intention, intention
Keep forward, keep forward, keep forward
We're trusting, we're trusting, we're trusting
The turning, the turning, the turning
We're sharing, we're sharing, we're sharing
The passing, the passing, the passing
The panic, the panic, the panic
It's creeping, it's creeping, it's creeping
The spinning, the spinning, the spinning
Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions
Distractions, distractions, distractions

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