On the 12th of January
You don't need what you can't carry
Blood will flow into the ocean
Our voices break with the emotion

Crucified, been crucified again

In the night, they started singing
They had no right to keep believing
Down below, there's someone screaming
That's how you know that they're still breathing

Crucified, been crucified again
Crucified, been crucified again
Crucified again
Crucified again

Preachers talk on televisions
Hand out the judgements of their religion
When I heard those women singing
They made a sound I could believe in

And again, and again

He who strikes the blow forgets it
But he who bears the scar remembers
The fire is burning down to embers
The fire is burning but I can't remember

Crucified again, and again
And again, until the crowd cry, "do it again!"

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