[Heartfire] Sprout from the dirt: A spawn of the sickest treachery.
My fingers are coffins, spreadingly forcefully the unborn seed.
Arise from your weeping; entrust in me,
I am the Bringer of the Black Dawn! (The Sun forever gone.)
Swallow the shards of dreams: regurgitate nothing.
Time drips into lifelessness by the order of the ebon hand.
Birthed under my command, no rest for the wicked,
Carry out my black desires: spread our sickness, across this EARTH.

[Endsender] Ungodly soldiers of hate… Legions of undead:
“March forth and let the blood fly. Kill…” (never wondering why.)
What destroyed my faith in this world? What have I become inside?

[Graey] Witness the dawn of a new hatred, for a worthless hope,
And a dwindling purpose, I will never be the same.
Breathing blackness as I re-create the paranoia that is my entire life.
I am withering to a helpless state of mind: I can’t cry when it’s raining. I can’t scream when I’m breathless.

[Look] Leave this all behind: Press forward into a new day.

[See] Witness the dawn of a new confidence, for a hope worth fighting for, and a purpose…
All My Own.

[Speak] March forth and let the blood fly, I am the Bringer of the Black Dawn.
Arise from your weeping; Entrust in me. We will force our enemies to swallow their dreams.

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