[Verse 1] Eah time I looked at you
There's something I feel inside in my heart
I'm happy to see your smile
That I'm waiting for a while

I don't want to take a look back
Just to see you wearing a black
I don't want to take a nap
'cause you're cool when you wear a cup.

[Chorus] Your so simple
Have one dimpe
I feel trouble when I'm near to you
There's a bubble
I won't double
'cause you're the one for me
And I don't want to be
Like a cheater, a cheater, a cheater
A cheater.

[Verse 2] Seeing oyu with other girl
It feels like straight going to curl
But I'll never gave up
'Cause I'm always on top
It feels like pop,pop,pop!

[Hook] All the doubt is fade away
'cause your still on my way.

[Repeat Chorus] [Bridge] But something I found
You like someone and I
Feel dumbfounded
'cause I know that's not me
But I realize the reality
You're so high to be mine

'cause you're the one of my biggest dream
And it's only a biggest dream
Do you know how hard it is
To like someone,
But he doesn't feel the same so I want to wake up with this Fantasy
'cause I know there's no Infinity….

[Repeat Chorus]

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