I am empty, I am done
There is nothing wrong
Just a dry spell of the heart
You have been and you have gone
Like my favorite song
I caught the end but missed the start
You escaped me one more time
Now my love feels like a crime
You ripped my world apart
And leave me in the dark
[Chorus:] And I know there’s another side that you never show that I gotta find,
And it’s not all in my mind.
And I’m here every night and day,
I could be the one your love could save,
Baby you left your mark but I’m still in the dark
I know how much you need your space
It’s a lonely place to find what you’ve been looking for
You strayed off the beaten path
And making your way back is harder than it was before
Somebody got the best of you and left behind the rest of you
Who used up your heart and kept you in the dark
[Chorus:] Let me get this straight
The reason why I wait
I know you’ve been through so much pain
Baby do I wait in vain
If I could she’d more light on you
Tell you what was right for you
Your beauty blinds me sure enough
But my heart knows when it’s love
[Chorus:] I am empty, I am done.

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