Here we are after the holocaust
This is no nothing
We are satan’s sons
And always we’ll be !!!

You’re trying to destroy us
We revenge their blood.
From the gates to hell
We demolish it out
To the heart of satanic land.

The land in the middle of the sky.
“Satanic war in Jerusalem”

“Satanic war in Jerusalem”
Here comes the massacre…
The massacre is huge
Destroys, finishes, torns them
To pieces.

All religions – blood is spilled
On the holy land, the ground of
The dead.

God is dead, we rule the earth
Despite holocaust, we are here
Jews as Genii in the world of
The dead.
Strong, survive in the world of
The living.

The war of the end,
And we’re here
The “dance of the Genii”.

We are satan’s sons, we’ll kill
Your god !

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