Unrecognized winner, Alexsander Nevski, returned to Novgorod
Instead of a celebration he got a discontented boyars
“Why did you fight with Swedes, they came in peace they wanted to trade
You started war with a friend” – the foolish people screamed
Nevski raised his hand and began to speak and the crowd became quiet
Without the noise that you make you could hear the coins jingle
In the pockets, of the bawlers here, its Swedish silver.
I have something to show you, something to make you stop,
To stop your stupid barking.

Alexander took out a Swedish scroll with a blue dangling stamp on the rope and gave it to the scribe near by. He brought it to
his eyes and read out loud:

“Князь Александр! Если сможешь – сопротивляйся!
Но я уже здесь и пленю землю твою!”

Одни кричали, что он молодец и правильно сделал!
“Уходи,ты не наш” – кричали бояры, другие орали иначе.
“Нет сил боле слушать ваш крик! Ухожу я от вас!” – вскричал Александр
И покинул он город, уехал к отцу в Переславль.
Но обещал вернуться, если настигнет беда.

But, at that time on the bank of Dvina,
Where crusaders built the fortress Riga
Happy bazaar, rivers of wine, people are smiling, no sign of evil
But what is that clank, its Germans crusaders:
The black behavior beneath the flag of light.

Жаркое лето. Крепость Рига у реки.
Новая вера , Силы зла на подступи.
К нам в дом ты пришел, и покой ты наш унес
Гость незванный, крестоносец, смерть ты к нам принес!
Ваш бог в небе,там где ворон не летал.
Наш бог с нами,от беды не раз спасал
Нас и в стужу и порою в летний зной.
Уходи отсюда иноземец злой!

Blood, hanging, screams ringing through the wood:
The German’s army moves to the east, having seized our stronghold
A dozen horsemen cross the threshold of the royal court
Pskov and Izborck seized already, Novgorod will be next
Boyars run to Alexander beseeching him to save the fort

Free your nation from the cage
The land of Russia must survive
Punish the Germans with all your rage
Don’t let them stay alive

The day of payback is not so far away…

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