Wakin up, to the sound I’m boomin
From the brothers in the g-ride zoomin
Rollin down the sharp? lookin for the law
No way they’re gonna stop this pay-off
Workin 24 hours a day
Yo these brothers get stupid pay
Usin 20-grand for pocket change
It’s a dope thang…

Standin on the corner waitin for the dopeman
Got a 20 in the palm of his hand
All he thinks about is the flame of the base pipe
Sucking up his life
Lookin in the mirror tryin to figure out what he did
Cause he’s only that big
Thinks he found a way to try and stop this pain
It’s a dope thang…

Livin on the edge cause they know it’s rough
Some money costs way too much
Tryin to find a place to hide the stash
So the cops won’t bust they ass
Pickin up freaks while ridin in a Benzo
Rollin low keys sittin on Lorenzos
20 years-old with a million dollar game
It’s a dope thang…

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