Written by Jean Frankfurter (Music)
And John Moering (Lyrics)
He looks like a good
He has wings on his feet (hey hey ya)
You won’t see him walking
He’s gliding the streets (hey hey ya)
As quick as an arrow
Without any noise
That’s how the passes be (passes by)
You hear people say:
“Did you see what I saw,
There’s a man who can fly”
* Roll roll roller star roll on
(roll on roller star)
Come on teach me how to skate
Let me be your roller mate
Roll roll roller star roll on
(roll on roller star)
Don’t go away from me too far
I wanna be just where you are
Roller star
Now you see rollers
All over the town (hey hey ya)
Learning and turning
And tumbling down (hey hey ya)
But he is a greatest
And when he appears
He has the right of way (right of way)
He’s making a show
Such a wonderful show
We keep calling he’s name
* (Repeat)
Roller star each night I’m waiting
Just to see you roller skating
Roller star I’m so in love with you,
With you
* (Repeat)
Roller star…….(fade)

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