Verse One

The twelve roses are gone
And though it felt so cozy
I replaced my love for God
For those that gave roses
Broken and bad
Bitter and sad
Will you take me back
And give me the love I lack

Verse Two

Every rose
Every song
Every love now its all gone
The one that people gave to me
To fill up my insecurities
Now I’m looking through this window
In this cold and lonely day
Lord give me back my roses I pray


Every rose that fell to the ground
I’ll replace it with my love
Every rose that didn’t bloom
I’ll replace it with my touch
I will give you beauty for ashes
And you will have your twelve roses from me


Trust your heart to God
Leave the past behind
God wont break your heart


Yeah don’t cry (2x)
You will have your twelve roses from me

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