[Verse 1: aqvol] I’ve been livin’ life for the very first time
I been tryna get my shine
I don’t really know the time
But I feel like Ima die
If I don’t do this shit right
Do it on sight
In the west but I do it for the east, ah
I’m just coolin’ woadie smokin’ on the best stuff
Hit my line and you know I’ll never answer
In my head I’m still running from my past dog
Blast off
Made the beat cause I hate fractions, bad lungs
But I still sing like I used to, bad drugs
Made me numb from the waist up, bad love
Showed me things that I can’t undo
Got a little chain cause I got a little pain
Every time I’m in the booth it helps me numb my brain
They don’t wanna help me they just tryna see me tamed
I’ve been lookin’ for another way
That just been my current Ima kick it tonight
Faded on my ones spendin’ all of my pie
Roll another demon let him fly to the sky
Everything is melting everything is a lie
What’s one more night in heaven
Blissful ignorance
Wha’ts one more night of damage
Can’t get better than this

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