You are so over the top
I am so over it now
I’m like a backwards hat
You better turn it around
You better watch yourself
You know I won’t back down,
You’ll be done, over and done
Baby, you’ll be left for dead
You’ll be done, so go home

I made a meal out of you
But you come back for more
We’ve been over this
So many times before
If you’re gonna step up
Then stand up and do it
If you’re gonna do this
Let’s try to get through it, come on

You’ll be done
Baby you’ll be left for dead
Over and done, so go home
I won’t reveal my part
But I’ve known it
From the start girl
There’s nothing to say
To keep me feeling this way

And when it’s all said and done
You know that I’ll be the one
There’s not a word you can say
That will keep me from feeling this way

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