Verse 1:
I hear it again, when the fear sticks out.
Well, I’m thinking about what you wanted more.
Do you think that the wind doesn’t carry your words,
’cause I can hear everything you say.
Well, I’m thinking about how I don’t want to go back
To those horrible days when we would bleed.

Would you tear me away?
Would you think about the days,
All the other ways that you would bring me down?
Bring me down.

Verse 2:
Memories cloud every thought of loving me,
But you know that loving me is everything you want.
So send down the red carpet and polish the way
You know, for us to reclaim.

Over, it’s over, it’s over you’ll see,
You loved me so much, when will I be free?
Thinking about what you are to me,
Well more than just love we all really need,
Heavy inside you fall to your knees,
Living is more for tonight!

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