You think stomach ache from pepper strip
You think ankle throb from bad foot turn
You chalk up a blister up to stress
Let your lying carcass in to learn

I keep a voodoo doll
To pierce when you’re untrue
I take a pin and stick it in
And I’m amused

You think elbow pain from tennis match
You attribute hurtful ear to pool
Lack of balm must be why lips are chapped
Hypochondriac the doctor rules

I keep a voodoo doll
And hurt you when with her
I take a nail and pin the tail
Until I’m sure

I took sample swatch of clothing
Just some sample strands of hair
And fashioned up your doll

~You think dental carry lack of floss
You see corn and bunion as touch you~
You think bloodshot peeper natural loss
I have got some awful news for you

I keep a voodoo doll
To jab you when with she
I place a tack into your back
Until you see

Return to me
(He’ll freeze up)
Return to me
(She keeps a)
Return to me
(He’ll freeze up)
Return to me
(She keeps a)


[Not sure of the lyrics between ~ ~, sorry]

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