Shouts and cries filled that night
Meaningless words flooded the Stars
The time and the unguarded moments have come
The time for a moment of brightness has come
Slowly he started to understand everything
He turned illusion into reality
Learning the truth he was getting weaker
Finally understanding everything
He ran away trying to forget
He didn’t admit brightness
He wanted her and those moments back
He didn’t want to wake up and he dreamed

He saw nothing, heard empty words
He built reality once again
Based on a pure dishonesty
With no anger what’soever

I watch him getting lost within himself
Consciously lying to himself
When his eyes filled with happiness
His soul filled with falsehood, deceit, departure

Then the fog returned to him
Slowly approached him
Covered him like night covers day
Again night is day, white is covered by black
As he was approaching he was getting happier
Illusions gave him security
He plunged surrounded by darkness
And she was waiting for his step

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