Seeing nothing, feeling nothing
You go in the dark, you feel your way
Eyes open, heart closed
Sorrow on the face, a tear on the cheek

You saw her that night
You did but you closed your eyes
The flame of your heart has dried the tear
The picture has revived in his memory

You walked through like a shadow of the night
The tear flew on the face
The heart started to beat harder
She followed you

Secrets of darkness you got to know
Seeing her against a background of the Moon
You confessed to your soul
That you want nothing else from life than that

Once you knew the meaning
Of wandering leading to the end
One glance gave you freedom
The moon was a witness of renewal
A dulled cry of joy
Quiet song to the Moon
He had the soul of the wood
She was the sense of his life

You stood and gazed
She was in front of you
The glitter of her eyes told you
That she already knew about that

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