And stripes on fire,
These hands are tired.
I'm making plans to drink away

All these words
I can't escape.
I have to try to make you stay.

Because i'm alone,
Stay with me this time (x2)

Because what I'm feeling inside,
I'm troubled or maybe I'm blind,
But I just can't see
How this is helping me.

The stars are burning bright
Like the light that lights your eyes.
Why couldn't I see
That you were leaving'

Because I'm alone,
I need someone to be my friend.
But I can't take anyone
Who can't stay until the end.

Because I'm alone,
Stay with me this time (x2)

And the stars are burning bright,
The smoke is rising high,
The stripes are on the street,
From the mountain to the sea.

Because friend you've done me wrong,
Left the spoils to the strong
And preyed upon the weak,
There's an end to you and me.

Because a friend can understand
That there's no trust to be had.
You're just bouncing on your strings,
A puppet on a screen.

I'm not sure when you left,
But it started with that theft,
It seems it's been so long.

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