He told him what to say
He said, "I have a tongue that's goofy"
But God wanted him that way
He said that "anyone is good enough
To do what I just said
Ooh, ooh, ooh
You come down with those Israelites
And then I'll make you something yet. "

M-m-m-Moses said,
"I ain't been n-n-nothing yet
Did someone up in heaven there f-forget?
I'm-m-m-m eighty and I ain't b-b-been n-n-nothing yet
They'll say, 'You ain't been around, '
Th-th-that's what they'll t-t-tell me. "

I've heard that Moses stuttered
Or something of the sort
He turned into a prophet
But he never found the cure
You say that anyone is good enough
To do what God just said
In the book that I just read

And then, He'll make you something yet
M-m-m-maybe you just ain't b-b-been nothin yet
It's comin', it's comin, just don't f-fret, baby
You know, you know he'll make you something yet
You'll be elevated
God'll think you're cool

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