Paul and Silas, the Bible says, had come to talk to the Philippians
Because a vision of a man speaking came to Paul while he was sleeping
And the vision of the Macedonian man said to them "Come help us, Paul and
In Acts 16, they walked around, tried to get to know the town
Went to pray down by the river, met a lady there named Lydia
They baptized her there and she asked, "If it be all right,
"Come spend the night and stay a while at my house."
They met a slave girl later on who made her masters quite a lot
Fortune-telling was her occupation, had a spirit of divination
It was driven out when Paul said Jesus' name and so they came and arrested
Paul and Silas

Threw them right into the jail, Paul and Silas' faith prevailed
Prisoners at midnight heard them praising God that they were Christ's
Then an earthquake came and shook the jail and let go from the cell Paul
And Silas
And the jailer bowed and prayed, "What must I do to be saved?"
And they said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will receive His
Paul and Silas taught the word of the Gospel to him and his entire house
And everyone now is in heaven with Paul and Silas

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