1-2-3 (I've heard enough)
Bigamy was Esau's burden
I married me girls who grieved my kin
I'm bringin' someone now to solve that
I just got married once again – I'm takin' a chance, yes
Well, I heard what my mom thinks about them (Mother's mad)
Well, her dirty deal put me down
Well, I hope my mom will remember
Her son who ran won't be around anyhow
Sweet Oholibamah, you're my wife that's the truth
Sweet Oholibamah, you're just one of quite a few
I'm burning mad, but I love my mother, now (Boo hoo hoo)
But she's tied in with Jacob's ruse
While brother Jacob was robbin' me
Mother conned my father, too – I'm tellin' the truth
Sweet Oholibamah, all my wives are so blue
They don't love my mama 'cause my mama don't approve
(Here it comes, melodrama)
Now Mother goes and talks to Papa
"Let Jacob go and pick a wife or two" (Ain't she cute)
Oh, that ticks me off so much
It ticks me off 'cause he flew the coop – Now, I might sue
Sweet Oholibamah, yeah, my wives aren't amused
We gonna have a problem if we go on Family Feud
Sweet Oholibamah (oh, sweetheart)
Yeah, my wives aren't so few (but my love is true)
Even though I'm not monogamous (oh, no)
You're my one and only too

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