We cannot be invincible – but God provides the principle
For Baptist or Episcopal – that any sin's resistible
Sin's pervasive – can't ignore it – it's a powerful force
But He'll provide a way out when there's no other door
And you can stay put or leave – but now I've found that
Sin can be resistible
Our lusts can be so powerful – that sin seems unavoidable
But James says if we resist the devil,
He'll run away so miserable
It's a natural law – that no temptation befalls ya
'Cept the kind that is common to the rest of us all
It used to look good to me – but now I find that
Sin can be resistible
Please hold tight – there's no tellin' when he'll run away
Jesus Christ tells the devil where to go
Sin's unavoidable but that don't mean we'll fall
Read First Corinthians verse 10: 13 because
God made a promise, baby, Satan ain't allowed
To tempt us more than we can bear I've found that
Sin can be resistible…
Our weapons aren't shootable – but truth is irrefutable
Our struggle isn't physical – so fight him with the biblical
Jesus faced him in the desert – he's a powerful tempter
Even Christ could have fallen – but you know He knew better
He used the Good Book you see – that's how we find out
Sin can be resistible…

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