Calling on God to let me know, should I Pray or should I go?
If you say that you don't mind, I'll be here til you send a sign
So your Gospel gets to grow in the meighborhood I know
If all of us leave to teach and preach
You'll have no one left on their knees
I'd say it's fine to just stay back
Though if you want me, I'll go pack
Well, come on, not Mexic- there's no Spanish words I know
Should I pray or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble; the missionaries there may double
And it's crowded as we know
This Indian mission's buggin' me
(Greece, Indonesia, Malta, Malaysia)
They say they want me desperately
(Mongolia, Phillipines, Albania)
Is that the food I'm s'posed to eat?
(India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan)
Don't you have mission trips to Italy?
(Afghanistan, Kazakhstan)
Don't want no vegetables
(Turkmenistan, Tajikistan)
Shouldn't I go with the food I know
(Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh)
(Guinea-Bissau, Benin, Gibraltar)
(Cambodia, Vietnam, Somalia)
(Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya)
(Tibet, Sri, Lanka, Azerbijan)
(Western Sahara, Macau, Lebanon)
(Qatar, Nepal, East Timor, Buma)
(UAE, Maldives, Gaza Strip)
Should I pray or should I go now?
(Laos, Nigena, Niger, Mali)
Should I pray or should I go now?
(Israel, Syria, Thailand, Guinea)
If I go rebuild their rubble
(Senegal, Portugal, Djibouti)
Can't life a spade or wield a shovel
(Bahrain, Algeria, China, Turkey)
So you gotta let me know
(IRan, Oman, Yemen, Morocco)
Should I mail in the check I wrote?
(Bhutan, Japan, Burkina Faso)
Should I pray or should I go now?
(Cyprus, Brunei, both Koreas)
If I go I'll break my bubble
(Mauritania, Iraq, Tunsia)
And if I stay will I be cuddled
(Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Gambia)
So tomorrow let me know
(Taiwan, Jordan, Eritrea)
Should I pray or should I go?

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