Who's that I see not doin' any good?
Why it's a little-read Bible book!
Hey there, little-read Bible book, you sure have been forsook
You're never read, so big bad wolves can roam. Literally!
Little-read Bible book, I don't think many people look
So we're walkin' in and making ourselves at home
Owwr! What big lies we have!
We come as spies disguised as lambs
But if they'd read just an open page
I think they all could spot the wolves far away
What truth Scripture has! It's sure to warn if someone's bad
So before they understand God's grace
I think I ought to lock you up in a safe
I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on
And I'll assure them nothing's wrong
And you can get dusty and they all can leave you alone
Owwr! Little-read Bible book, I'd like to quote you, yes I would
But first I'll change me a thing or two on my own
Owwr! What if these parts I add
A word or two, nothing big
Little-read Bible book – even bad news can seem good
I'll try a little cyanide, just enough to slide on by
Maybe they'll swallow things I say
Before they get to that odd taste
Little-read Bible book, I'm sure their goose is cooked
They never read in the big black book at all
Owwr! That's too bad – Baaad

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