I know a scene you ought to see
I read it in Luke 16
So let me be I wanna set the scene
A wealthy dude his name's unknown inside his sprawling home
Stuffing his mouth with that life of ease
While Lazarus is thin and weak, down the driveway on the street
I don't think he will survive
Wish he could get that nameless dude to feed him some leftover food
He'd take the crumbs now as they'd fall, if they would fall
Lifestyles of the rich and the nameless
The solid gold bracelets don't make you blameless
His money was not the problem
He forgot Lazarus; Think Jesus saw them
Did you know that rich and nameless dude eventually died
And when he woke up things were on the fiery side
With Lazarus across the chasm and Abraham talked to him
He said, You know it's really hot in here, my throat is cracked
Send Lazarus to me, O Father Abraham
He can always just run some water doen to me
I'd like to help you et a drink, Abraham said, Honestly,
I don't tihnk it would suffce
'Cause he's already paid his dues
Now he is somewhere else than you
You think that's someone else's fault? Maybe not
Lifestyles of the rich and nameless
They're always shameless
God plays no favorites
It's funny but such a shocker
How he demanded, Bring me water!
Lifestyles of the rich and the nameless
Designer clothes et spots and holes; Let's hop at Payless
Lifestyles of the rich and the nameless
Lights out for the rich and nameless
Find out what 2:16 James says

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