I must have seen a thousand scenes
Of violence on the silver screen
But I didn't see them march in the street
Till a movie showed Jesus bleed

Now Christmas Eve and New Year's Day
They've taken mangers off display
But I can see the Bible still is right
And turning men to the light

There's too many sins and too many steeples
Filled with too many cobwebs
And there's not enough of us who hold our ground
Can't you see this is a land of delusion?

This is the world's religion:
Everything else but Christian
You'd better just stop trying
To make it a place for fitting in

They sue a man for arguin' now
That any sin is wrong somehow
But men who steal they put in power
With liars in tall ivory towers

And this is a crime, and it's a disgrace
But the Book tells our future
And God must judge on those grounds
(I'll) tell you why — this is a land of delusion

This is the Word He's written
And these are commands He's given
Do them and let's stop lying
And making new ways to live in sin

I remember long ago
Men were prophesying
What they prophesied is all proven right
In this atheist madness that we failed to fight
So long ago

I won't be calling darkness light
Read Revelation, He'll put it right
'Cause God don't break His promises
And we know He never sleeps

There's too many men who do many evils
Thinking He'll never stop them
But God knows what's been goin' down
They're deceived — this is a land of delusion

(Now) this is the Word He's written
And these are commands He's given
Do them and let's start trying
To beg Him for grace 'cause time is short

This is the world's religion
It's anything else but Christian
Read Second Thessalonians
Verse 2: 11 'cause it's true

2 Thessalonians 2: 11
For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie…

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