Our wall's so high you would not recognize
But fire burned and minimized the way it sat for all my life
Kissed Persia goodbye, you see I brought a plan
To get Jerusalem strong again
The wall was where I'd start – Oh!

It's a tough task making this wall complete
We said goodbye to dinnertime and sports
There are kids making some fun of me
And I hope those boys, Sanballat and Tobias, get bored – Whooho
They tried their best to keep us occupied
Said they'd come in with their knives
It's hard but we work side by side
Oh, kept saying stuff 'bout me that's just insane
Pretending I built this thing
To turn around and be the king – whatever

This wall has taken us seven weeks
Three days till I can finish up the doors
Wal-Mart did make a good wall for cheap
But I had no choice 'cause I don't live nearby any stores – no oh oh

I fixed this broken thing, repaired these openings
I ain't your average Pink Floyd guy (Nehemiah, me oh my)
I can't sing all their hits, but I know "Another Brick"
Let me sing for you 'dause I'm Nehemiah how do you do?

Ezra has taken the scroll to read
We said goodbye to sins we tried before
Four hundred and forty-four B.C. and I have no Floyd
And I can't play guitar like Gilmore

It's rough just making this song funny
We had to try and then we tried some more
And I'd like to break the monotony
We say Maroon 5 should end it at the chorus

Guess what I'm making this all up here
Read Nehemiah and Ezra right before
Work hard and pray with a fervency
But I have no voice so I will fade this right here for sure

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