When I bake stuff with the dough I'm gonna knead
I'm gona be the man who makes some bread for you
When I go out in a boat up on the sae
I'm gonna need a net and row a long way too
If I catch some fish that float under the deep
I'm gonna be the man who gets some fish for you
And if there's flavor, yeah, I know I'm gonna eat
I'm gonna eat some and I'll save the rest for you
And I have watched five hungry mouths
And I have watched five more
And I've seen a man who fed 5000 mouths at once
And that's the Lord
Well, I watched Him, yes, I know what I have seen
He was a teacher man who taught the whole day through
With so many comin' forth to watch that dude
It would cost someone every penny just for food
Send 'em all home, Lord, you know they gotta eat
They told the teacher man, who said, That's up to you
And with five loaves and two fish from Galilee
I'm gonna feed 'em and they're goin' home renewed
Have another (Have another) Pass the Butter (Pass the Butter)
Ya da da dum de de dum da dum de de dum da da
Have some water (have some water) Pass the butter (pass the butter)
Ya da da dum de de dum da dum de de dum da da
Well I'm only telling only what I've seen
But when the teacher man was done they sent out food
And men were eating, yeah, I know they got a treat
They got a treat about the size of Timbuktu
Well, I've not doubt that in Luke 9:17
You're ognna read it and suppsed the number's skewed
But in the front row, don't you know I had a seat
I saw at least 12 baskets of leftover food
… I got a B in math, so, son, I know… It's true
Had a tough crowd (had a tough crowd)
Fattened up now (fattened up now)
Grab a rough count (grab a rough count)
Add 'em up now (Add 'em up now)
Ya da da dum de de dum da dum de de dum da da
Gather up now (gather up now)
Every crust now (every crust now)
Ya da da dum de de dum da dum de de dum da da
Gavin McLeod (Gavin McLeod)
From The Love Boat (From the Love Boat)
Yeah I know that line's kind of dumb my mind's kind of numb right now

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