I thought God was only Jewish fairy tales
Meant for someone else with lots more faith
All my doubts oppressed me-but that's the way it stayed
Till a voice said, "Honey, call My name"
Then I got His grace–now I'm a receiver
God replaced–the doubt in my mind–I've been loved (ooh, aah)
I'm a receiver–got the Redeemer in my life
I thought God was more impressed with givin' things
He said, "Boy, I gave the best I got
"What's the use in strivin'? All your dept is paid
Didn't leave a punch-line on My grave"
Then I got His grace – now I'm a receiver
Got a place–a palace on high–up above
I'm a receiver–I'm gonna be there if I die

What's the use in strivin'? All your debt is paid
Check out Romans 10: 9–I got saved
When I got his grace–now I'm a receiver
Mama says–I'm out of my mind–I've been touched (ooh, aah)
I'm a receiver–I got Ephesians 2: 8, 9
Then I got His grace–now I'm a receiver
Not afraid—about when I die
Now I'm a receiver, of the Redemer, better believer, yeah, yeah yeah!
Now I'm a receiver– ''cause I got his grace.
Now I'm a receiver– not afreaid to shout it on high.

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