I fall on my face and hands
The last ball knocked me on the ground
"Find us a hitter," they shout in the stands
I'm annoying all the fans

I made the team — and I don't know how to bunt
Made the team — I just don't score any runs
Made the team — I've got swing and pray
I'm gonna get out anyway
I'll go running to the wrong base, oh yeah

I've got, a Babe Ruth's waist and an old man's arm
Look at me field — you'll get alarmed
Don't always throw where I'm taught, there's no doubt
Still I keep winnin' — it's a miracle how

But I made the team — I get confused every play
Made the team — I guess I'm no Willie Mays
Made the team — my God He did the trade

I fall on my face and my hands
I fall at the feet of Christ
I'm just a sinner — a little-league life
But I'm important in my Lord's plans
I made the team, and I like it!
Yes, I like it! Whoa, I like it, love it, like it, love it
Made the team, made the team, made the team and I like it!

Titus 3: 5a
He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of
His mercy.

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