Standing with lions beneath the floor tonight
And there's a lion-here we go
Right away I try to pray, I kneel there, waiting, Lord
"Daniel don't go and pray," they said to me
They made a mockery of you, Lord

Save life! Claws sharp! C'mon God! Move quick!

This cat thinks I'm such a little beefcake
Get here quick I think I'm on the meat tray
Point and click to make your bid on ebay
Teach that king that's not the way that we pray

Don't allow! Blood bath! In cave! Stop them!

Standing with lions beneath the floor tonight
And there's a lion-help me, Lord
Guide the way, when lions prey, they feed there, tame Him, Lord!

Meow (x16)

Bad cat! Don't sic! Paws off! Open!

Kit cat's nice but, no, don't want to hold one
Not gonna strike but I'm a not-so-bold one
Might not bit, I know, you never know but
God I like this story though it's no fun

Stop there! Mean lion! Get back! Hard stop!

Standing with lions I see them show their whites
And there's a lion-every hole
Find a way, my life's at stake I see their great big jaws
"Daniel, don't go and pray," they said to me
Beneath them I'll be on the floor
By the way, I find it strange I'll be here praying more

Ooh ah, kittens better listen
Ooh ah, kittens can't resist Him
Ooh ah, kittens kept their distance
Ooh ah, kittens never bit me
Ooh ah, kittens lost their mittens
Ooh, I guess I'm not a victim
Ooh, I'm gettin' out of prison–Hoo hah!

Daniel 6: 19 stayed here overnight
And there's a light on-early show
By the way, it's light of day, I see that breaking dawn
"Daniel," the Persian king he calls to me
And he's remarking, "Oh poor soul"
By an angel I was saved, I know You love me Lord

Standing with lions I've seen You show Your might
That I relied on to get me home
Right away I cried, You saved, I beat them, Thank You, Lord

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