When the Son come down He was deep within the ground surrounded by a giant stone
And it's no surprise that on the Sabbath day all His pals stayed home
But things were all about to change and they never were the same

Well, we're talkin' cause He died and rose – Lord, died and rose!
Well, their leader, Simon Peter, and John the Apostle, they took a walk to the tomb
And the Gospel came alive when they arrived and they found an empty room
But they had forgotten His claim that He'd resurface again

Well, we're talkin' 'cause He died and rose – Lord, died and rose!
Then He came when the group met Sunday – They'd locked the doors and shut the room
But standin' right among them was the man they called Lord
You just should have seen the look in their eyes!
But Thomas would doubt it for eight more days
Till Jesus came when he was there – He just took one look and he believed!

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